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Maureen, Jill, Lisa & Mannie

welcome you to Homeroom 207!

2016 - 2017 School Year

Welcome family and friends and thank you

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We are very excited to be able to share all of the many fun and exciting things that we are doing at Chapel Hill Academy this year.

All pages are listed on the left hand side of this Home Page and can be viewed by clicking on them OR by clicking on the purple links below.

Check out our “Homeroom News” page to find out what we’re doing.

Our “Notes to Parents” page is very important to check EVERY DAY! This is another way that IMPORTANT information can be communicated to you on a daily basis. It will be updated as needed.

Meet the teachers and students who are in “Our Class!”

Visit our “Weekly Awards/Levels” page to find which students have moved up a level in our behavior modification system!

There’s a lot of learning going on at Chapel Hill and we want you to know all about it! Take a look at our  "Math"  and "Social Studiespages to learn more if you are in Maureen's math or social studies class. Homework will be sent home by each teacher and can be found in your child’s red homework folder. Homework is encouraged, but not mandatory. Check out Your Child’s Teachers” to find out who your child’s teachers are for each subject. Take a look at those teachers' web pages for information in those subject areas.

Check out our “Class Schedule” for a day to day look at what we’re doing and what time we are doing it!

Take a look at our “Birthday” page to see whose birthday we will be celebrating next!

Order school uniforms online by clicking on the link provided on the page for school uniform ordering!

Lastly, be sure to frequently check out “Important Dates to Remember” and our “Photo Gallery” to keep up with what’s currently going on at Chapel Hill!